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BUilding on the legacy

Every moment of everyday  

Yes, we have been around for over 50 years, but it is what we do today that matters. Our teams approach everyday with a drive to succeed. They know that a legacy is not built on past performance, but today's results. We know from our own history as the world's largest cotton merchant, that everyday matters, every shipment matters, and most importantly, every relationship matters. 

Our team challenges each other to perform at a higher level than generally expected by our peers. For you that means a higher level of service and commitment to excellence. For us, it’s what drives us to meaningful connections and pride in our work. We bring that to work with us everyday and put it to work for you in everyway.

We touch every piece of the supply chain and have a unique opportunity to see how one variable impacts the entirety, and because of that, we can forewarn you and advise on the most viable solution.

We are not simply a service provider, we are a value creator and a trusted partner. We speak honestly, transparently, and with intent. Our success is measured directly to yours and we work tirelessly to meet that standard at every turn. 




Dunavant builds on our family business’s history to deliver world-class, comprehensive, supply-chain solutions. We are driven to provide safe, swift, dedicated service to domestic and global customers while creating an environment that supports the commitment and enthusiasm of our associates.


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